I am mature… I am not….

Of All the human emotions possible, maturity is most desired as well as deceived, for a mature doesn’t want it, and immature ones think that they are still missing something. The word “Maturity” shares its sun sign with its institutional counterpart, “Marriage”, which is much talked and hyped about in the circles of human intellects, yet no one seems to confirm it. Mature people don’t want to marry, and not surprisingly married people think that they were immature enough to do so. J And, Melodrama (Another sun sign counterpart) reaches to sublime limits, when people say- “You are mature enough, you should Marry now!! :), and I think, what the heck!! If at all I am mature, I mustn’t marry!!

Moreover, The Mind, (yet another…) seems to be the origin of the sprouting maturism (and, of course, Amateurism) of the people’s behavioral patterns. The weirdest thing? What is amaturishfor someone, may be prominent for someone else!! Simply put, its meager straight fold foolishness! No, Insanity. Unhh!! Can we name this emotion?

OK, fellas. What do you think we call a mature action? Relinquish the enjoyment of engrossing yourself with the rain, coz your “Mature Mind” thinks it’s too childish? Or, ruthlessly advance upon our way detouring a pedestrian who’s been hit by a vehicle? Or, give up your dreams coz you have to study one hour more than the present topper of the class? Piling up yourself with books for one third of your life? Or, avoid making tough decisions credit passing on to your Mature mind? OR, duplicating your life-slots with similarly-patterned life of others, in the name of mature and calculated decision? I remember one friend of mine, getting assaulted by his parents just because he wants to be a guitarist! How could he?? How could someone be guitarist?? I mean, nobody does it here, damn it!!

Does it mean, Maturity is the art of repeating the history of successful people? Something which is old may not be true, but of course, nobody thinks like this! Why should we??
Does success mean similarity? Repeatedness? I wonder what do they call Creativity?

Every one of us, in her life, would have come across situations, when our decisions were highly influenced by one fear or another, propagated to a more authoritative and publicly acceptable cause, “Maturity”. Be it your being extricated by your boss, demanding for your rights, performing your duties and so on and so forth!

It seems that Experience is our foreign authority which overdo our rationales, and we, the mature minions start behaving like a foreign being : Foreign to humanity.
Children, on the other hand, have great insight of nature, I suppose cozThey aren’t mature, they aren’t experienced!!
It is US, who teach them to not fight for their cause, to compromise, to surrender, to commit, to give up, coz according to us, it is wise to do so.
It is US who tell them to stop dreaming and start realizing, not their dreams, but our own filthy realities, with which the world is ready to manipulate them.
It IS US(not USA ;-)), who warn them not to be special, but be normal and lead a ‘Mature’ life.
It IS US, who teach them in manners, even if it means to enjoy while they remain silently inside their houses behind closed doors, peering through balconies hoping to find a pal!
It IS US, who confiscate their pure minds to act and behave in ‘Patterns’. What are they, damn it? Some computer program?
What do you call it now?

Amitabh Says “English is a very funny language” Indeed it is.
Where Impossible says I am possible.
Improper says I am proper 
And immature says ………………
I hope everyone understands after all we are all “Pseudo-mature”
Hitler and Alexander were barbaric,they executed others!
We ram and execute ourselves,every single minute, with this ‘I don’t know what to name it’
Kind attitude! Cheers to our maturity!!



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