My new Cell Phone :D Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700


Well, as for the  records, just bought a cell phone. So, my benevolent mind took a decision to write something that would work like review, if at all someone cares to read that .;-)

So, here we go! First of all, with all the world going crazy for full touch screen keyboard and a fantastic world of open source (usually free :D) apps, People are getting demanding, and honestly, crazy in what they ask of the manufacturers..

I was doing the same with an intention to find out some kool freaking out cell phone with the medium budget category.. and stuck when I saw this :

The bare looks sufficed enough to kill me with the elegant black metal body, Great combination and placement of nav keys and a sleek, strong design. All this, with google Android operating system running on a monster 800 mhz processor and dedicated RAM, this phone converts to everyone’s dream chocolate pie!

I was no exception, and decided to go through other features. And, Frankly, I can’t stop myself playing with this black maestro for hours. Display is lustrous, appealing and makes you never lock this phone! 😀 Menu organization is well thought out and shows complete google philosophy, Simple and powerful.

Touch screen is a paradise and dances the way you want it to. Its really fun navigating through the cell ‘s features, some of which are damn intersting. Like the ability to sync almost all of your data to the google server. And that includes, your calendar, your contacts and other stuff! So that next time you format your cell phone, you dont have to write sms’s like “I have lost my all contacts! ” And the best part is, you dont have to say sorry to every unknown number, just because you fucking formatted! 😛

Internet Browsing is a great and enriching experience and you never get tired stumbling across. Managing Email accounts is quite easy and usually not more than a two step process. And with a great arsenal of open source Android and java ME apps, you can add in the functionality of the phone beyond the points of reality!

The handy GPS and wi-fi make sure you stay connected always and anyways. 😀 There is a sweet in built app called Switcher, which lets you access all the connectivity options (which are many) from one place. The phone comes in real handy when Showing off as the graphics are stunnungly beautiful to play around.

Messaging and emailing are quite comfy and a luxury in the device as the built in acclerometer (or something of that sort) helps you change orientation of the screen seemlessly and speedily. The full QWERTY keyboard at your disposal with nicely thought out special keys (alt) make your life a whole lot easier.

Android dominates in providing a strong and stable operating system enabling you to unceasingly between more than one open windows and even across applications!

Coming to the most basic functionality, making and receiving calls. I was quite relaxed to find out that in call quality was superb, even in loud speakers. Samsung didnt forget the fact what the cell phones are made for in the process of making it a beast.

Managing multimedia is fun and something which is quite extensively developed. Audio quality is great provided you are not playing it too loud, and the headphones coming with the device are real class. Video quality is brilliant to say the least.MP4 and h.264 are supported.

A 3.2 MP Camera captures handsome photos but really sucks at video capture with a far lesser resolution available to camcorder as compared to todays standards. But still, I cant remember how many times I used camcorder facility of my last cell phones in 3 years. For me, it doesnt matter anyways.

One more point, you can never list all of its features, and what can you do with this cell phone. The list goes virtually endless..

All this for just 13000 bucks, I couldn’t stop myself rushing to buy this black beast off the market rightaway!

Sigh.. I am in Love! 😛


6 thoughts on “My new Cell Phone :D Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700

  1. Well written chirag . Though i am not a kind of a person who reads reviews be it movies or any product , i believes in trying it out on my own . Yet you have done well to keep me interested for the whole article . Man … can be a salesman for this new phone … looks dint caputered my thoughts as your article did , specially the power to sync it to all the google apps and servers.
    For your earlier article , though i have read it long back…this time it made for sense to me…may be…. i have matured along the time as well… lols….

  2. Thanx for the genune review. I had just reviewing this mobile for my brother as he had also a big fan of touch screen gadgets.

  3. Hey man…must say…you are towards becoming a good manager one day…I know very well that my this comment will not be digested by you readily…but I would surely suggest you to give a second thought towards management education…Who knows man?? You can be a good [TECHNICAL] Manager one day..hahahaha…

    Well coming to the article…as it was your first attempt to Reviews…must say…Superb Effort…I think anyone who reads your review will definitely give a look at Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700…if not purchase it…

    Your review tried to capture almost each and every part of the gadget’s(don’t call it a phone…please) functionalty…But…as you said…the real thing is far appealing to look at and enjoyable to play with…Waiting to have a look at your new Baby…



  4. Thanks man.. Thanks for the good words..
    But I didnt understand the connection of it being with a good manager.. I hope you are not talking about having that “Multi” effect.. 😉

    Waiting to show you my baby too!
    Bloggers Rock!

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