Stop Messing Around.. :-(

Do you know who I am?
Please stop messing around and tell me..
Every single day I have kept thinking what I am, never seemed to touch the toes..
Do I really need to be what I want to?
Does it matter?
Will it matter at the end?
It really is complicated.. This assortment of wanna be products my heart cornices..
this second I am something, the other, I am not..
I am tired of thinking and tracking the image I idolize, the dream which doesn’t replaces itself..
Did I put all the efforts? Was it the only exclusive thing I wanted to happen to me?
For god’s sake can someone please make me stop pondering over all this again and again?
23 years is a long time, but our life seems to be so little for what we want to achieve,
Why am I so complicated? Am I the only one out there? Do others ever think like this? Is it a disease?
Can we do something about it? Do I need to see a doctor? What the hell I am talking about? Who the HELL I AM?

What is achievement? Success? Fulfillment? Is it even practical? Is it always visible? Who decides all this?
Do we really need to do what is told to us? Is it the only way?
Can I NOT think for just an hour please? How to do that?
How to get lost? How to leave all kiosk? How to do nothing and be nothing?

Is there really an end to all of these? Will I be able to spend just a Single second trying not to bother about what will happen next?
Is there god? What is god? How’s he different to us? Does he do something?

Golsh, someone please stop it.. 😦


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