My Book : Part 1

Hey ya!
The time since this blogging fever has caught me upright, I decided to put some serious dividends to the effort, and most importantly, break free from the habit of not making my works public. 🙂

So, apart from other content, I start this series of posts, in which I am gonna post the select chapters of my own-written book, “Engineering?… Hmm”
Quite shaggy name, I know..But, well, its that way only.
besides providing new content, this series will sincerely alleviate those excuses of my readers and friends who grieve they can’t stand my words for long time.. 😉 I spare them the third degree torture and provide small tiny tortures. 😀

Well, as usual comments are highly appreciated as well desired as no writer is complete without the space and opportunity to make himself better.

In case someone is interested in whole book, which is quite rare, I would be more than too happy to provide him with one.

Happy Reading!
– Chirag.


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