Yet Another open source Mogul : Android

15 days spent with my samsung android phone, and guess what, every second there’s something new unfurled! Released first on 5th Nov 2007, the Android operating System has started not only to make its mark, but has educed out of Just-An-Operating-System.

Few things I observed about the Android OS I would like to put across. This is not some reference kind stuff. Its just good observations.

First few days, my complete concentration and interest was streched towards Market feature, as you are being provided with the courtesy of finding atleast 5-6 apps no matter how specific your requirements and search terms are.. Most of them are free and pretty sophisticated. Be it games like wordup!, or site – specific prisms for orkut and facebook, or even more spohisticated apps like this Barcode Scanner , it seems like there’s no limit to the sophistication and customization and Gear-ization for this OS. And thats exactly what you get when you choose to have open source, free to use software. If you are interested what the super-hacker Richard Stallman has to say about why the softwares should always be free, I personally advice you to watch this video :

Apart from a very rich and ever increasing library of apps for almost every practical (and sometimes impractical :)) purpose, Android is built around a strong yet small Linux kernel, which lets your device make most of the hardware available (RAM and processor power).
The apps and other processes never close themselves, instead they just stumble around in the foreground and background, enabling it to remember the last operation or state at which you left the process. The next time you start the same app, chances are really high you’ll find them in the same state, making hour glassing times least!

Another really interesting and powerful feature of the Android comes from the shear design of the operating system. Its very easy to develop apps for this platform and guess what, the apps are even allowed to call each other’s features or the whole apps, merging into each other’s functionalities to create a very rich user experience. In case if its not clear with my bad language, here’s a video from the developers of the android itself, explaining a concept which is called
Apps without Borders“. >>

I am sure, by this time you have got a pretty good idea what Android is, and if I am successful, you’d be trying open source and free softwares, if you are not using them already.
If this post has been of help, I’d love to hear comments.


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