Select Excerpts from My Book Part : 1

Chapter-3 : My first Ragging!! 🙂

“SIR, THE TIME NOW IS 02 hrs, 12 mins, 34 seconds, 35 seconds, 36 seconds, 37 seconds, 38…..”


I stopped. I never told time to anyone like this, although I had to, today. Why?? Welcome to the 1st year of Engineering, where your very survival depends upon the amount of shame you DON’T possess, how much you can listen to the seniors and how much you can’t… teachers! But who would bother to listen time like this, anyway?? Who was this “Senior”? I don’t know. And I was trying my best to not convey this information to him, coz once he would know I don’t know his name, it would take another painful series of instructions and traditions to ask his name and remember it, for our next possible encounters! I have spent 1 month here, and I am yet to feel comfortable with this new system, where everything seems to be working opposite of what you expect. Ragging hungry seniors, assignments hungry and over-expecting faculty, who think you are pursuing B.E. for the second time, and above all, those sadistic animals, ‘Toppers’ with you, who don’t even possess an iota of unity, I

SLAP!!! I just felt a strong force on my cheek, and by the time I realized what exactly happened, that cheek got reddish, like I had never seen before.

“You fucking bastard, don’t you know how to stand in front of a senior?? Why are you untied at collar? And why the fuck you didn’t shave??” He commanded, rather demanded to be provided the answer.

“I am sorry, sir” was all I could manage. It was really a NEW, wild experience, to get beaten by a senior, just because I didn’t fucking shave??? Who the hell is he to teach me anyway? Another Slap, on
other cheek, and I was begging him to let me go, otherwise they would see me crying for the first time in my life. But they didn’t pardon my request and I received another submission, in the name of Creative
Punishment. Another night to spare, rather waste, writing assignments of someone, whom I don’t even know (although you have to adeptly admit that you know this guy too, if you don’t want yourself copying a bunch of papers next night too!!) Maybe taking a course other than Engineering wasn’t such a bad idea…..


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