The Iron Demons

Chaai Chaai Chaaiiiyyaaa!

A screaming man enters into the compartment, which is filled with more people than the air molecules in the air around.
Rushing through men-made walls and fencing, with all his gears of instant tea-making, reading a hundred thousand faces in a moment of time, looking for the savior who will call upon him for tea, he catches the attention of all with his frantic voice. People around look not for the Chaaiwala, but for others whether they are buying tea or not.. This is democracy after all. πŸ˜‰ I, already tired and immobilized by the crowd, call him. Its only after buying the tea, I curse myself taking it, coz it’s difficult figuring out a way I actually can drink it. Some veterans laughed at my inability to drink in such inhumane conditions of which they were used to. In fact that marks the Indian people out of the league, no matter in what shit you put us into, we’ll get used to it. We are used to do this. Trains, riots, poverty, infrastructure, politicians, English and Mughal cruelty : we have such a vast experience!!

At last, I decided to throw away my half filled cup of tea, the symbol of my failure. Then , the phone rang. Now it’s too much. I simply can’t do it. There is no space for inching slightly out of your body dimensions, and you tell me to take the phone out of my jeans pocket? Trains are for journey, not for worldly leisure. What else you can expect in the population of 100 crore people!!

Nevertheless, there are some people in the world whose calls you cannot NOT pick up. forget about family, I am talking about Girlfriends(The Unfathomables)! I cut the call. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, trains have turned out to be far more painful creatures than girlfriends. For one thing, they are always hotter than the hottest girls you’ll ever see. πŸ˜‰

Stations after stations, I wondered how come I could only see people coming inside, none of them going out! Seemed like I was standing in a vessel of infinite capacity. I have a very strong feeling that most of the daily train-travellers think they have 3 lives like we have in the game of Mario. At most they would just take a One-Up, and Tadaaa! Here they go again! Bombs, Terrorists, naxalites.. they mug it all! I don’t understand whether its our spirit or our obligations that make us go again and again.

Eyes turn into radar always scanning for an empty space to put your ass on, as its harder to stand in the Natraj pose constantly. And its a universal rule that you will get to sit only when your station is near. πŸ˜‰ I got a seat. As soon as my feet and eyes got free, I started stumbling across. Most people were oblivious. One was actually studying some maths journal, with earphones pierced in. He was in his own world. I felt shame. Almost every inch of the inside walls was adorned with posters of vaious doctors promising to return your lost powers. πŸ˜‰ It looked like a big advertisement campaign, ranging from Earn 10000 rs, sex solutions, itching, to name a few. Seemed like I was sitting in some public toilet.

My station came, and I was thrown out of the train by the huge waves of people swarming to get out and get in. How did I come out, I don’t know.. But it turned out to be hell of a journey. I literally salute the spirit of Indian Railway and Indian people. Its how we choose to travel, its how we choose to live.
In the end, its our own country. I love her whatever it is.
Jai Hind. πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “The Iron Demons

  1. very takes up slowly..but keeps on picking momentum …
    …..hotter than the hottest girls…game of Mario…..advertisement campaign…..these things binds the interest …in all good interesting build..

  2. Well written ,,,, it picked up pace in the middle and slowed down in the end as the train do… but the journey was really humourous… πŸ™‚

  3. Chirag….I must say that the Humor in ur writing has taken the upper hand very prominently…. You seem to make the reader laugh a couple of times…I must say that the Observational Analysis part in ur articles has increased by Tons….Gr8..Try to maintain the same…..

    But….on the other hand….I will also admit that the Quality of content in terms of Vocab and Beautification has gone down….But..who cares man…….A writer needs two things……Satisfaction of Writing something and Enjoyment of the Reader…I am happy tht both the things are there in plenty….Cheers..

    Keep Writing Man!!!

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