Thou Shalt not NOT waste the day

It’s pretty difficult to tell at just the end of your sleep whether the things which are happening are really happening or just another dream, since you started trying to get a sleep. The foresense of not being able to believe, I love the feeling! Of all the reasons, first, it happens to me only on HOLIDAYS and COMP-OFFS. : ) For other days, I would have dozed off too late to even think of such stupid things. 😉 Now, half of your precious day spent past in sleeping, precious as in the ring for Gollum, you cant decide whether it was a nice thing to do. Especially when you are good enough to do something meaningful when you are awake ;-), otherwise, sleep I believe is always the best option if you’ve got couple of hours to pull the chair beneath your back. Chirag Deshpande

Er, do I look like her while sleeping?

Procrastinating is the favorite sport as you tend to linger over your tea for another hour or so and thinking about endless other plans you made for day. Bank? Wash clothes? Calling Home? Bill payments? For one moment you wonder you’ve lost the courtesy of the excuse, “I have to go office, man!”

After you realize the Television is bound to show the dumbest movies of all time only when you are on an off, you decide to get on to some work. And then you deny it the other moment. Period. 😀

Towards the end of day you start getting nostalgic about the office to be followed the next day, and then follows the realization how badly you’ve screwed the day. 😛 (This line is especially for those who believe they can CRACK THE CAT while working, including me).

And then? It all but starts over again!


10 thoughts on “Thou Shalt not NOT waste the day

  1. “It’s pretty difficult to tell at just the end of your sleep whether the things which are happening are really happening or just another dream”

    With this, you described what many people forget to think about, like they forget their dreams after waking up!

  2. well done chirag. But please wud u care having a look at :

    This is NOT spam;Nor just another orphan among thousands; its about the one who is perhaps the MOST VULNERABLE, among the 1 billion Indians.

    If u do not wish to visit, please send to all ur friends on the net;

    This Blog is about the Hope, even if Utopian, that one day it is opened by a person/couple/family, who are able to come forward and include Rajitha into their family.

    So, each time you mention the blog to someone else, you are lighting another candle, as part of searching parenthood / foster family, for Rajitha.

    Hence, even without fresh posts/comments, this blog hopes to bring a ray of Hope for Rajitha, even if as little as a Candle. Its not about Moving mountains. Its like, clearing one pebble.

  3. “loved to read it”….. i m fond of sleeping so for obvious reasons u chose a right topic to write on…..

    n of course when we are having no work ….to sleep is the best utilisation of time…. q amey m right na??

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