acquaintances… acquaintances…

Lately I’ve been visiting my hometown somewhat frequently on vacations. I belong to a rather small place, which is slow in pace. Apparently a large percentage of people there are free to talk and listen no matter how boring things you share with them. I personally think there should be signboards alongside the borders of town, reading something like “Beware of your relatives, They may find you any time now.” 🙂 Or, may be an air-hostess announcing to  wear your disguises.

Anyhow, I reach home and and there is some-whom-I-have-never-seen-in-my-life people already.

“There he comes” one of uncles said. I felt I was about to be butchered.

“On vacation?” One aunt asked. “Not anymore” I was about to yell.

After all the rituals, touching feet and all, we sat (read it adjusted) together. I knew it would come soon.

“So what company do you work for, son?” One military accented uncle asked for atleast 4th time in last one year. No wait, 5th time 😛

I said in plain text I work for Amdocs. For the first time I said “I work for Amdocs, Uncle. Its a leading Billing solutions provider.” I will spare you the rest of imaginations what would’ve happened back then.

“I thought you worked for AT & T”, my mom said. Please dont start it again. I cannnot explain client relationships after a head banging journey for the fifth time.

“How much you earn?  Why didn’t you go to site? Why dont you work in Infosys?” They keep asking the things only they know. After failing 4 times miserably I have realized its no point discussing the chronological questions which are to be asked every single goddamn time you are going to meet. Atleast Batman doesnt have to tell his relatives why he doesnt hang on the trees in the night even if he’s called Batman 😛

This very next day I was alone with my dad and I was busy showing him all the features of my new cell phone like google Maps and all. Ok. I agree I was trying to justify the high price I paid for that, which was followed by a lecture from parent about savings. He was so fascinated with the idea of being able to spotting his hometown in the little screen, that he actually made me show that over and over again to every friend of his we met that day-

“Hey you know this cell phone can track where you are. Even Dhar (my place) is visible!!!! 15 more exclaimation marks……!!!” 🙂

And the friends are like “REeeeaaaallllyyYYYY???”

And dad is like, “Hey, show’em!”

And I am like “Here you go!”

And they’re like “Wow!! Its kewl  man.” You can sense the ego salivating over word “Kewl”, a fashion statement in our hometown. It means they’re urbane.

And then in the end, dad says “Oh, and Bye the way, He’s my Son”.:D

I am so happy with all these. It spares me all the chronological Questionnaire disorder, And I am like “Yay, Everyday!” In the end, I’ve found my super power. Hail Everyone. 😀


9 thoughts on “acquaintances… acquaintances…

  1. “And the friends are like “REeeeaaaallllyyYYYY???”

    And dad is like, “Hey, show’em!”

    And I am like “Here you go!””

    The lines above show the constant change u have been bringing abt in the way u write…This is one of the Best in the Top 2 posts… For some moments…I was in Dhar…eating Kaka’s all favorite Ommlettes and Desi Ghee ka Paratha…



  2. “Wow!! Its kewl man.” 15 more exclaimation marks……!!!”

    superb piece of writing…..u just touched everything & flew away!!!111

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