Fainting in Dreams : oh, yeah it’s possible

A lot of people have an obsession to watching themselves flying in dreams. I say is it so difficult? try 3 pegs and you’ll soon be flying like anything. :). Had I been asked what I wanted to do in my dreams, I would say I will want to interview a Bollywood director. (Lolzz) For the records, EeeekkTTAaa KKkkkaapppoouour (keeping up with her names) is my favourite director. 😉

So, God kinda granted my this wish and the very next day I was with Ms K. in my dreams. Here’s some excerpts what I could remember. I am so happy I couldnt remember whole interview, BTW 😛

Me : So, Ekta (here onwards kKk) tell us what’s behind your success as a director?
kKk : Its all because of God ‘K’. He has endowed me all these. Besides, New sarees and costumes, weeping actors, Never hiring a writer and extra stuffed names helped a lot.
Me : As a story teller, you are considered to be one of the most rated playmakers today. How do you keep yourself going?
kKk : Aww, Its nothing! 🙂 You know, there was this set theory in our 9th Standard. I used to hate it there. But when I grew up, I actually derived a great many things from it in my stories!
Me (Stunned) : Really??
kKk : Oh yeah, you see, People like watching Marriages and love and betrayal and oh crap what is called,…
Me : Drama?
kKk : Exactly! So, you see, you start with a boy and a girl, and add as many characters as you yourself can’t remember. And then you assign each a set. Like those big circles of 9th Standard. And then you explore all the possibilities for who can marry whom and who can betray whom, which are, plenty. And then, round and round and round……
The secretary let out a stifled cough. kKk got the clue and stopped blabbering.
Me : Thats so brilliant of you. I could never solve set theory though. But I am a big fan of your Serial (Killers)!
kKk : Thanks.
Me : At this rate, don’t you think the women will be highest scoring species in CAT coz you are gona cover a whole range of possibilities!!
kKk : Excuse me?
Me : Err, nothing..
You’ve stepped your foot in bollywood too. We have seen some brilliant endeavours from you and your Brother, Tttuuuussshar. What about them?
kKk : He’s such a fine actor. As a flmmaker, you otta’ve innovative ideas, which have never been used. I take old subjects, but my every single creation is something new. It gives out a message.
Me : Whoa whoa whoa… What does it all mean?
kKk : Nothing. I tell them to every single fool who interviews me. Usually I steal the paper script from some old movie and feed them to a software, which changes names and clothes. Tttuuuussshar is so diverse, he can screw it in any manner. And so am I.
Me : Apparently. 🙂
kKk : I really feel bad about women sitting in the house whole day and doing nothing. I wanted to change this. So, I decided to telecast them every day. In prime hours. So they can also have the courtesy to force their choices on husbands. This is my way of promoting women Empowerment.
I was awestruck. Certainly this woman only can produce the shit she is producing (and directing). Feeding on Womens desires gossips and new sarees, I wonder what things can come out! I thank god I didnt fainted in my dreams, other wise who would tell me to wake up from a dream in which I’ve fainted? Wait a minute, have I gone nuts? …..

4 thoughts on “Fainting in Dreams : oh, yeah it’s possible

  1. Hi Chirag,
    Nice to see you trying different genres. It took up nicely,but frankly speaking Bro…It was not as Hilarious as it could have been…Anyways…Nice to see someone legpulling Ekta..kKk in ur article 😉

    Keep Writing.


  2. Pingback: I write coz I like to read them ;-)

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