Facebook Trends # 1


Long as long we surf internet : one window of browser is honestly devoted to Facebook. Skimming over the pages browsing updates, comments, shared media, girls, piks :-X and what-not. Seldom we would use our brain while on Facebook, lest being rational. I thought of Documenting this rather Beautiful human phenomenon and here we are!

So, let’s shed some light on some of in-demand trends of Face book :

1. Face book is a very effective tool for women empowerement and gender discrimination against Men :

(Courtesy : http://ankitmehta.net/facebook-profile-gender-discrimination)

2. With this newly introduced ‘Micro – blogging’ and a strong-will-to-write-than-read, we’ve got more people updating their status more frequently than they go for pee. We might as well see Chat and IM programs appending a new status : “Away for a pee” in their already too-personal list. Updating facebook status is also a practice space for copy paste :

  • Go to Sickipedia, or quotes.com
  • Copy a good looking line.
  • paste in to the facebook “What you are upto”.

Tadaa!! 🙂

3. Even Moore wouldn’t have imagined complications of his own law when he concluded “cost of electronics items will halve every year. With all those High end (and Cheap) cameras and more people swarming over social networking, its such an anguish looking over your albums-laden Facebook wall which shows people showing out cheesy faces and crippled gestures and rotated views. Gosh Its boring. Unless its a GIRL. See point number 1. 😉

4. Creating groups-that-nobody-cares-about. Imagine what good this group name tells you “Me and My cell”. Two of sleight, isn’t it? Really, its good to congregate. Grab the attention. But you might not be inventing more pokes than are already there. 😀 I mean, okay, we get it. YOU ARE KOOL. Now stop it alright?

So, fellas, you got it right. Facebook IS for females. Or males obsessed with praising, Sharing every single thing they watch on youtube, imitating KEWL with absurd likes and groups. And so, I will go on and paste an update about the blog I just posted. 😉

To be Contd..


12 thoughts on “Facebook Trends # 1

  1. Wah Launde…. tum to cha gaye.

    Expecting some good points about networking sites in ur “To be continue…. ”
    As i dont think that 250 million people ( 2/3 sex ratio) are crazy about something which u despise so much .. 😛 😀 😀

    No offese on both Facebook haters and Lovers, just trying to start a thread.. 🙂

    • Another really good and funny blog. But this time its Facebook that has to take the hit;) The trend is u have more farmville requests, comments and more comments and gifts (can Facebook get them monetised plz…) than useful stuff. Also there is one
      male on Facebook who does not feel discriminated and laughing his way to the banks. Yes, its our own Zuckerburg who is expected to be first 20-something woth USD 10 Billion Plus when Facebook goes for an IPO in 2011 as per Forbes. Lucky hime becoz of us!!!

  2. Hey Chirag,

    First of all sry for the late comments. Sm1 disturbed while I was reading ur post atmy dek. 😉
    Facebook,ha…So ur getting into the habit of finding Jargons everywhere. 🙂
    I don’t submit to the idea wholly,but I will surely confess that the last (I don’t remember the no.) so many visits on Facebook have got only Junk…Trash It Material..Smtimes we don’t remember the instance when a frnd purposely came to My Profile to say a HIII(for the least :-))
    Nicely written….Waiting for the Next One!!!

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