Farmville Frustration



Yo fellas, long time!
It’s about time another Creative frustration of mine came out.  😉 And yeah, it ain’t a false alarm this time. Coz I mean business! So today’s topic of the series “I hate —-” is, our Progressive and bright….. FARMERS. Yeah. The Farmers. The chosen ones! If you are a facebook freak, then you must have heard of almost a Game called Farmville. If you haven’t, I admit you are one hell of a lucky bum. 😀
So, this (almost a ) game is about a retarted series of mouse clicks where you intend to farm crops and make them grow and sell into the market and earn the experience and bla bla bla..See, how exciting it sounds! Its an omnipotent, omniscient entity : Its present everywhere. On your facebook wall (clogging the otherwise important newsfeed), in your mails, on your cell phones and what not! Sometimes I am bound to think if God is the entity which will be created when enough of us will be connected being neighbours in the Farmville. (Gasp.)
I was just scrolling through my homepage looking for some Mirch masaaala when I saw this :
“Wendy found a Lonely Bull on their farm. Oh no!Wendy was farming when a Lonely Bull wandered onto their farm in FarmVille…. :-@
Awww… :-/
Now that’s really something to worry about. Look, ma, she’s found a LONELY BULL ON THEIR FARM. WILL SHE STARVE TO DEATH?I wonder if I’d go to hell for not adopting her.Also,
“Wendy visited your farm and left you a Nail!” (Gasp)

How Sweet of her to leave me a Nail! I was so in need of it. Thanks to the “The Nail” I can save this world from Poverty, Hunger, Terrorism and Economic Downtime.

I’d really be damned if I don’t play games like Call of Duty : Black Ops, Age of Empires, counter strike and stick to the Farmville : you know, Not being entertained is the trending topic (#I_Don’t_need_to_be_Entertained). If its about being Lame, farming without the benefits of farming and losing your friends because of you clogging their wall with posts about how generous you are to befriend them in Farmville by sending fuel, or Nails, or fertilising their crops OR even hatching your Chickens for you (Now that really sucks)!!

Yesterday A Really good friend of mine, “The Farmville Freak” (Here onwards referred to as FF) called me

ME : “Yo dude. Whats up?
FF : “M fine, buddy . Could you just do me a favour?”
ME : “Anything for you mate”
FF : “I am in an urgent need to go to washroom and it’s just that, oh shit!”
ME : “What? What’s going on?”
FF : “Its’ about the crops. They are about to wither in couple of minutes or so. I cant’ wait, I cant go.”
ME : “Dude? WTF? :-O ”
FF : “I just need you to fertilize my crops and buy me some time so that I can go to washroom? I won’t be away for much”.. Please fella”
ME : “You know, you are one sick dung of cow!”
FF : “Which reminds me, please milk my cow. She must be feeling sad. And don’t forget to PET her.”
ME : Stunned Silence.

There we go! Is it just that I dont realize the importance of farming or is the world has gone really crazy? I wish I owned a medicare company. I’d really make some medication for it.
Forgive us, Oh ye Prince of Insufficient Plight!!

Hail Everyone!

Afternotes and Epilogue : I Apologize to all guys walking on the face of earth with name “Wendy”. I suggest you stop playing Farmville right now. I apologize the friends of mine who really like Farmville. You know apart from this article thing, I Just Love This Game! 😛


13 thoughts on “Farmville Frustration

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  2. Seriously not sure what people like in farmVille, mostly its kind of a fashion and also a topic of discussion among friends as to who’s better at it and they enjoy competing over such things 🙂 .
    Good one. The conversation part was awesome. Very nicely written 🙂

    • Really it’s a new quality : Competing over the lamest things on the internet. I don’t know if it takes an IQ of something in the range of nano technologies, but that’s really a lot of mouse clicks there. I wonder if they still need to work out in gyms after playing a healthy game of FARMVILLE : The Complete Fitness Solution. Mahn, they can actually trade these things on telebrands!

  3. Hey Chirag,,,

    Nicely written man…I shud 1 thing here…U know that I attended FTF this year…and I was surprised to see the speaker making a reference to Farmville.. 🙂 He was anyways cursing the game for wasting time…but was surely impressed the way ppl are after it.. 🙂

    Nice Vocab and now…you seem to be becoming a true Blogger…if that is what you call a person with this way of writing… lol…

    Keep Blogging!!!

    • Kudos man! Thanks so much for that honour. It’s just not about some fancy language, but if that is what it takes to make readers happy, I am as happy as they are. The point is, Zynga is actually making money from it. I wonder if Sheikhchilly had a chance with internet : Justin Bieber, online Marriages and now Farmville : How Far we can go?


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