So What’s the fuss about this New Year, anyways?

Fellas!! So, as there are already infinites of the Happy new Years floating in the market of wishes, count my one more.

As already has been stated, I have taken a resolution to blog more this year. I just hope that “The ResolutionTM”survives for, like couple of hours. 😉

So in a new series starting today we would discuss “So what’s the fuss about ——-
——– Anyways?” And what better to start with New Year? So in a series of chronic calls one takes on chronic occasions (like today, New year), I am like,hey, I got it. The number representing the last four digits of the date format is going to be incremented by one. I guess that’s about it! A bit technical, but yes, True anyways. So what’s all this fuss. Like every single tweet and facebook status about asking “WHERE’s THE PARTY TONIGHT???????” I’d rather say it’s a nice song.
Oh bye the way, these updates bypassed the number of Farmville requests you usually have your walls adorned with. So, I guess it’s really something serious stuff. 😛

So, we come to the big question : Where are you headed for the evening? Well, I am AT Home on this eve. You’ve got a problem with that? :-/ Like its a ritual or something? Heading out for some bar or Pub which will charge you like hell for a reason the four digits are about to be incremented by one. If you are paying just because you’d have a chance to count to one in the backward order, I’d really say : “GET A LIFE”!

No, seriously! May be I should be pretty afraid that the cops are gonna come down the street and catch me red handed coz I was at home having a solitude laden HAPPY NEW YEAR. No, wait, I was with my guitar Whole evening. that would certainly provide me some cover.

Would write some other time as it’s quite off time now.. 😉

Hail Everyone!


3 thoughts on “So What’s the fuss about this New Year, anyways?

  1. Hmm Nice one 🙂
    I would say we always manage to find a reason to smile and enjoy with these days coming in and to have a feel that this is not just another day of our life (though the feeling should not be tied only to these specific days).
    And Technically speaking it’s the b’day of earth 😉 and we enjoy coz we it is also heading towards its death just as we do on our b’day 😛

    • Exactly Raj sir. I liked the birthday of Earth. 🙂 Good perspective to see through coz there should be always plenty of reasons to smile and laugh. Having a new year is a good thing : It’s how you celebrate can really create a difference. We can go for a bang for thousand bucks, or distributing shawls to the road survivors. 🙂

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