Commandments of a successful (Online) life :

  • * Though you might not have a single idea about what the hell this thing called twitter is, you may as well have an account with you following every single celebrity you heard about and no one following you. 🙂


  • * Though you really understand that on a quite night you would listen to your Real-favourite songs, but it’s *really* imperative that you like the unheard bands profile pages on facebook. Coz you fancy the kinda guy who pastes this line on every single metal song on youtube :  “I am 16 and I really like classic rock over all the crap music industry has to offer today”.


  • * Though you might not have single idea about the things you click a “share” button for,(fingers crossed) but there is this “Always Works” rule. The more incomprehensible something, the more your glory.


  • * Though you would never give a damn to good ol’ quotes or philosophical books, but there is one place you know they will always fetch you more good, and that is your, Wait for it

    Yes! Yes! You know I got that right! Coz it’s so “Soothing” to have your snippets of wisdom shared between infinite Farmville requests. 😀


  • Ah! So, as I have cast more poison than originally I intended for, here is my idea of online presence, or sharing (and mind me, I am not here to show off :P)
    What it means by sharing is to share exactly who you are, so that your friends (online and real) come one step closer to knowing you, your tastes and your preferences. It’s not about sharing what is Kewl, its about sharing what you REALLY like. Pasting Quotes copied from somewhere to your walls is not exactly wrong, but in a way you are morally responsible for it, because you are inviting your friends to have a discussion in the form of likes and comments. It’s unjust to share something which you approve not of and still share coz its kewl. 😀 Ofcourse all of us including the good for nothing writer of this crap has done all these things, but its really “The Time”.




9 thoughts on “Commandments of a successful (Online) life :

  1. “you click a “share” button for,(fingers crossed) but there is this “Always Works” rule. The more incomprehensible something, the more your glory.

    this was amazing.

    Start drinking, Keep Writing !!!!!

    • Hey Man! Thanks for good words. You rang the bell with that sentence “Start drinking, Keep Writing !!!!!” I hope it’s not what I think it is. 🙂

  2. Dear reader,

    I was reading a comment you left on this person’s blog:

    I wanted to inform you that this person, a so called writer, had taken this piece from a dear friend of mine named Megan Celaya who had published it a year prior. The writer has made many false comments about the piece that in no way reflect his work as genuine. Her work is here: You are welcome to verify the date stamp on the piece or e-mail her. I just wanted to let you know that your comment was given to the wrong person.

    Thank you and regards,

    Raul A. Nandin

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