Facebook Personalities

So the Facebook IPO went on fire this last month, and facebook couldn’t agree more to the fact that it was all because of the millions of newbies who “Log in, Sign up or Learn more” every god damn month on Facebook. This, chitter-chatter, this vulgar display of incessant, unnecessary and imaginary tidbits of their knowledges and horrible insights about the lives: This is all too much and I snapped last night. So here I am writing another of my frustrations in a more to come of series :). Today we are gonna see different Facebook personalities we encounter while online.


I know this might have been written many times, but I know you geeky heads always want more of this meandering I go about doing about other geekyheads :P. So here’s your today’s dose of gossip:

**** The Oversharers ****

“Good morning Friends!”

“Having lunch at home and loving it”

“Wow what a dump I took, feels so relaxed now.”


If you are familiar with any of the above sentence, you have a facebook friend who qualifies for this personality type. These guys share/update so involuntarily, that if you were to gain a cent every time they share, you’ll be a millionaire in a day. 😀 A particular class of this category goes ahead one step and pings you on chat to like their newly put status. It’s like scoring a goal on empty goalpost and make others celebrate about that :P.

**** The Liker and Disliker. ****

Each one of us has atleast one friends who goes about liking people’s stuff. No matter what you set your status to, they will like it. If you share a new video of 4 minutes, 2 people will like it within 1 minute. It’s as if an unknown force drives them to do this and they have no control whatsoever on this. 😉

This one, being my Favourite, I can’t stress enough:

**** “The Photographer” ****


Honestly, the way camera prices have decreased, I don’t really appreciate it. Although there is no harm if people are learning something and they post their photos to facebook to know what others think about. But Photographers, Listen to me:

Clicking a Black and White photo doesn’t mean it will always be nice. It doesn’t mean that the photo is very deep and “tells me something” either. So if people are liking it for no reason, believe me, you’ve got a lot of likers in your friendslist. 😛 (see pt 2).

PS : Installing an App called Instagrams doesn’t make you a photohgrapher either.

**** The Taggers ****


These are facebook’s “Tag! You’re it” guys. If you wake up a fine morning and login to facebook to see 11 notifications, don’t get all too crazy, it’s just some stupid friend of your’s who has uploaded a “Good morning” wallpaper and tagged 122 people in it. Some 67 Liker guys have liked it and 45 “incessant Ranters” have thanked that douche for tagging them along. 😛

You’ve got to be on a lookout for these bunch. They are most active around Festivals, Days of National influence, friendship day, Valentine’s day and what not!




Part-2 is in pipeline. 🙂